The Egyptian Market for IT- and Business Process and Shared Services

Egypt enjoys a unique blend of qualities making it one of the most attractive destinations for IT and business process services globally. What sets Egypt apart from other nearshore destinations in Europe, as well as on a global comparison is that possibility to implement service centers on a meaningful scale, like the Philippines and India.

Located in the center of the world, the culture compatibility, physical proximity, and similar time zone to the region facilitate productive business interactions.

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Country Partner Organisation

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is the executive arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for spearheading the development of IT in Egypt. ITIDA is Egypt’s engine for spreading technology, driving innovation, and supporting foreign investors seeking to enhance their global offering from Egypt, the global hub for IT/ITES and technology innovation.

“We are delighted with our longstanding partnership with Outsourcing Verband and their continued support to us. We are looking forward to participating in the Outsourcing & Shared Service Germany Forum especially with the launch of the new edition of Egypt’s Outsourcing Destination Guide.” – Hala El-Gohary, CEO, IT Industry Development Agency

ITIDA Services

ITIDA supports and develops the ICT industry through five main segments:

(1)   Talent Development,

(2)   Innovation & Entrepreneurship Support,

(3)   Investor Attraction & Support,

(4)   Egyptian Companies Development,

(5)   Business Ecosystem Development.


Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA)

Rolana Rashwan, International Marketing Manager

Phone: +20235345732

Email: rrashwan@itida.gov.eg

Web: www.itida.gov.eg