Digitization and Outsourcing - enabling new business models

Best practice presentation - mid-market segment

The DFY (Done For You) thinking that replaced DIY in home renovations has also arrived in the world of life insurance.  In the US and UK, insurers define themselves as managers of risk and capital rather than policy administrators or insurance software houses.  They leave it to others to deliver „state of the art“ for those parts of the value chain. That thinking is showing signs of gaining traction in other markets. .

Date/time: 04.06.2019, ca. 14:30 Uhr

Duration: ca. 25-30 min

Relevance: This presentation is relevant for all participant groups.

Industry: Finance and insurance


About the speaker: Claudia Lang is one of the founders and CEO of Community Life, a new solution for life insurance - a fully digital and highly automated sales and administration platform for insurers.

Claudia was a Canadian securities lawyer before moving to Europe and taking on business development roles at board level in the European life insurance market, most recently as board member of Canada Life Europe. She was also Chair of the Association of International Life Offices, representing the interests of the international life insurance industry. She also regularly publishes in the German insurance press.

Dr. Claudia Lang

CEO & Co-Founder, Community Life GmbH, Germany