IT Trends Germany

Market Insights Presentation

One if the key presentations at this years Outsourcing and Shared Service Germany Forum is the presentation of Dr. Uwe Dumslaff, Executive Vice President of the Capgemini Group, about IT Trends in Germany. As one of the responsible industry experts behind Capgemini's Germany annual "IT Trend Studie", he will share insights on how German companies in the mid-market and large corporate segment use IT today.

Date/time: 04.06.2019, ca. 9:10 Uhr

Duration: ca. 25-30 min

Relevance: This presentation is relevant for all participant groups.


About the speaker: Uwe Dumslaff joined Capgemini in 1994. As an Executive Vice President of the Capgemini Group he is member of the German Management Team in addition to his CTO position for Capgemini Germany and leading the innovation business areas Digital Enabling. His business experiences are in the Telecommunication and Public Sector as software engineer, consultant, engagement manager and account director.

He is active in many topics of research (cooperations with professorships in computer science, Fellow of the “Gesellschaft für Informatik” and he was a Senator of the “Deutschen Forschungsgesellschaft” from 2011 to 2013.). He is responsible for the annual Capgemini “IT-Trends” survey.

Dumslaff studied Computer Science at the University Koblenz (Germany) and did his doctorate at the Universities Koblenz and Stuttgart (Germany).

Dr. Uwe Dumslaff

Executive Vice President, CTO Capgemini Germany and Head of Practices