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The Polish Market for IT- and Business Process and Shared Services

Polish BPO industry is present on the market and keeps growing since over 25 years. Especially last decade has been very active and a number of new operation centres has been established in major Polish cities like, Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw – all three cities are listed on Tholons’ TOP BPO WorldWide locations. Those are not the only locations for the operation centres – at the moment there are at least 16 cities with already mature BPO/SSC/ITO presence. Depending on the city size there are operation centres from dozens to few thousands employees supporting global clients.

Main BPO/SSC and ITO companies who run the operation activities in Poland are either local services suppliers or coming from US and UK. There is also significant number of investors from other Countries from Western Europe and Scandinavia but also for example from Ukraine.

The total number of BPO/SSC/ITO centres in Poland has already exceeded 1000 and the employment is much above 250.000 people. Major processes being provided from the operation centres are related to finance, procurement, accounting, data analysis, software development and multilingual customer support. The growth of the employment in the BPO/SSC/ITO industry is on the level between 18-22% year to year and as proved in last few years is stable. The forecasts for 2018 are showing that the employment but also the number of new operation centres in Poland will grow.

Pro Progressio is closely monitoring the investment attractiveness of Poland and also prepares the reports and analysis of the market, which is described in the Focus On Reports. The reports are available on Pro Progressio web pages at

Pro Progressio Annual Report 2017

Focus on Gdynia Report - I 2018

Country Partner Organisation

The Pro Progressio Group is the organization supporting entrepreneurship growth in Poland with special focus on modern business services sector including such areas like BPO, SSC, R&D, Call Contact Center, etc.

Co-operation and business relations with public (city halls, regional development agencies, special economy zones, technology parks) and private sector in Poland as well as with the international business organizations, make Pro Progressio Group a trustful and reliable organization which supports business growth in Poland. The group of organizations we are working with include services providers, training and education companies, recruitment agencies, real estate developers, consulting companies, universities as well as individual business experts.

Pro Progressio Foundation Services

Pro Progressio is the consulting organization specialised in outsourcing and modern business services. On daily basis the main activities of Pro Progressio include:

  • Location advisory
  • Consulting services
  • Recommendation of business partners and service providers
  • Education
  • Market studies and business analysis presented in reports
  • Organizing events dedicated to BPO/SSC/ITO including The BSS Forum and Outsourcing Stars Gala
  • Representation of German Outsourcing Association in Poland
  • Representation of IAOP in Poland
  • Edition of Outsourcing&More Magazine – Polish/English printed magazine dedicated to Business Support Services industry
  • Edition of – Polish/English/Romanian web platform dedicated to outsourcing activities


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Speakers and Contacts

Wiktor Doktor, CEO

Wiktor Doktór is the Outsourcing Industry Expert specialized in a wide range of outsourcing and shared service activities, including BPO, SSC, R&D, ITO, Call and Contact Centre as well as in the subject of nearshoring and offshoring. He is the CEO of Pro Progressio - the consulting and advisory organization in the area of modern business services. Wiktor is one of the top outsourcing personalities in Poland, many times awarded for his work focused on the development and growth of outsourcing industry. Wiktor and Pro Progressio are European Partners of German Outsourcing Association, IAOP and Global Sourcing Association as well as other global outsourcing associations. Wiktor is also the owner of OutsourcingPortal and Outsourcing&More Magazine – leading outsourcing industry media platforms in Poland.

Dymitr Doktór CFO, Chief Editor O&M Magazin

Dymitr Doktór is the CFO of Pro Progressio. He also is the Chief Editor of Outsourcing&More Magazine. Since 2011 Dymitr actively analysis the BSS industry and monitors the business environment if BPO, SSC, IT, Call Contact Center and R&D. Outsourcing&More is the only one business magazine edited in CEE Region, where in bi-monthly cycles the outsourcing best practises are being described.

As the CFO of Pro Progressio Dymitr manages all finances of the company and all operation projects and activities.