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7th Outsourcing & Shared Services Germany Forum + RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum 2022

Getting Ahead in Business Transformation

… via Outsourcing, Distributed Teams, Global Service Delivery and Next Process Automation

Take the time to learn and talk about the way the ICT services sector is inevitably changing and what it means for your business

It’s not a labor crisis and a knowledge crisis.

“How to build up the right knowledge and lacking skills in as many people as possible, independent from their location is the underlying issue in the ICT and business process sector. We are even teaching software to do knowledge centered tasks via Automation and AI.”

Stephan Fricke, CEO – Group of Sector Associations and Media

ITIDA & Egyptian Embassy in Berlin invites
Outsourcing & Shared Services + RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum
Informal International Industry Get-Together
Tuesday, June 7th 2022 (afternoon)
Wednesday, June 8th 2022 (full day)
Wednesday, June 8th 2022 (evening)

Join us live in Berlin for discussions, business insights from industry experts and practitioners and networking!

The Conference at a Glance

OutsForum_OSG only_Logo-5
The Market for Outsourcing Services
Sourcing Strategies and Management
GBS & Shared Services
Labor Market and Talent
Strategies and Implementation
Automation Solution Landscape
Talent and Education

This is an international event organized by German ICT and GBS sector experts for the German and for international markets. It is held in English and will take place in Berlin-Mitte, Germany.

Markets, Business Insights and Networking

Annual non-commercial conferences of the independent German Outsourcing Association, the Outsourcing Journal, the German Process Automation Association and the RPA & Smart Automation Journal


The Outsourcing & Shared Service Germany Forum as well as the RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum represent a well-founded and result orientated dialog without commercial interest. It’s an occasion to support a better understanding of our market for optimizing IT and back-office operations via co-operations with external technology and process experts and via process improvement and automation.

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